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Save Your Smile with Root Canal Therapy

If you are experiencing persistent pain or sensitivity in one of your teeth, then you need to seek dental help right away. After all, if left untreated, infected or damaged teeth can become so weak that they can’t perform normal biting and chewing functions without pain or discomfort! Fortunately, Dr. Michael Casey, your family dentist in Waterford, WI, can ease your discomfort with the help of root canal therapy.

Root Canal Therapy

At the center of every tooth is a soft material called the dental pulp. If the pulp becomes infected, the infection can spread down through the root and cause a number of health issues. In some cases, an abscess can even form below the root, which can lead to the spread of the infection to other areas of the mouth. Root canal therapy stops the infection from spreading and restores the health of the tooth.

Contrary to many people’s misconceptions, performing a root canal is actually quite similar to treating a cavity. Your Waterford family dentist begins treatment by clearing away infected pulp from inside the tooth and root. The area is then thoroughly cleaned to ensure that no signs of infection remain. After the tooth is cleaned, it is then filled in and sealed with a dental filling—and that’s it! Following root canal therapy, the tooth will be stronger and able to resume normal biting and chewing functions without pain or sensitivity.

Some signs you may need a root canal include:

  • Sharp pain when biting and chewing
  • Extreme sensitivity to hot or cold items
  • Persistent pain or pressure in the mouth
  • A severe or persistent toothache

Benefits of a Root Canal

Root canal therapy offers several benefits, including the ability to avoid extraction. In addition to being preserved, the tooth is restored and made stronger so that normal function can resume without any present pain, discomfort, or sensitivity.

Once you have undergone root canal therapy, your mouth will feel as good as new!

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